You know you are a lifelong student when…


I’ve always considered myself a lifelong student. Although, ironically, I never did very well in school. I’d say I’ve averaged reading at least a book-a-week most of my adult life. One of my current obsessions that is competing with my reading time, however, is listening to Podcasts. With my new Podcast launching soon (the Sivana Podcast: Eastern Spirituality, Yoga and Conscious Living), I spend a lot of time listing to and researching podcasts. It’s one part enjoyment (to learn new things), and two parts research (seeing how other people are doing their podcasts AND doing research on potential guests).


Today’s research has me following links around the Internet about Neuroscience, Pregnancy and Mindfulness and some of the experts in those fields. It’s exciting. Learning is exciting! I wish I had that clock that Hermione had in the Harry Potter Novels that would allow me to move around time and space though, so I had more hours in the day to learn!


I think my life long obsession with learning is what helps me succeed most in life and what makes me a successful teacher. I never stop learning. I will never stop learning. It’s like Einstein says, “once you stop learning, you start dying.”


I’m amazed, at times, how many people stop actively learning after they finish school (high school, college, whatever). It’s like learning somehow goes on pause, life just becomes a never ending spiral of seeking pleasure and avoiding or minimizing displeasure, and growth itself stops. Screw that. No thank you. Not for me.


I regularly hear people complain about their circumstances in life, but so many of them don’t put in the effort to change. They don’t even put in the effort to learn about how they might change. It’s crazy to me!


You want to do something in life? Find out if someone else has done it first and learn from them! Read a book they wrote, or someone wrote about them. Watch a video. Take an online course. Go learn from them in person if you can! Find the people that are doing the things you want, learn some tools on how to do it yourself then put it into action!


We live in such an exciting time where we have incredible access to information. You can literally learn 24 hours a day. Universities all over the world are offering free online courses. It’s amazing!


So much is possible in life when we are willing to learn, to grow, and to put ourselves out into the world. Let’s all keep learning!


On that note, I have some more research to do!


Life Long Learner

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