Sunday Sadhana Samavesa

Sunday Sadhana Samavesa was amazing! As usual, time flew by as we dived into the stories and practices of the Goddess. Happening on a very auspicious day, Sunday September 27th, 2015, the day of the Blood Moon Eclipse, the day started with a brief asana practice, followed by some chanting, breath work, and meditation. We broke for lunch, and when we returned we dove into the stories and practices revolving around the Goddess. Using the Devi Mahatmyam as a backdrop, we dove into the stories of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati to see how their stories relate to our lives and our personal psychology. It was a day of story, singing, breathing, meditation and reflection. It ended with 22 minutes of us chanting Lokah Samastah while each person gave offerings to the fire.


Thank you to Azul Fit in Vista, Ca for hosting the immersion, and to Brandi Daniels and Eat.Drink.Yoga for the amazing food she prepared for the event, and to everyone who took time out of their lives to join us that day!

Below is a short clip of our ending chant with a few photos of the day.

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