St. Louis Trip!

It’s official, the people of St. Louis are just awesome. Had another great trip to St. Louis, MO to teach anatomy for the Yoga Six Teacher Training. It was a pretty rapid fire trip, as I arrived Friday afternoon, co-taught an outdoor yoga class to raise money for Pedal the Cause, had dinner with some great folks, went to sleep, woke up the next day to teach anatomy all day, went to bed early, woke up early the next day, taught all day, then hopped right on a plane back to San Diego after I finished teaching!


In addition to all the great yogis that showed me such wonderful hospitality, on my way back to my AirBnB place, a guy was the first guy ever to recognize my tank top. “Dude, is that the shirt from Big Trouble in Little China?” And then went on to quote a bunch of lines from the movie. Yes…. yes it is. And you are awesome! I’ve had that shirt for over a year, and no one has recognized the reference. It kinnnnnda made my day.







This was a smaller group than usual for a Yoga Six YTT, which was actually pretty great as I got to spend more individual time with the students. I feel like everyone walked away with a greater understanding of the human body and the necessary inspiration to continue their journey with anatomy and kinesiology well after their training is complete!


I feel so blessed to be able to share my passion of the human body and of yoga with aspiring yoga teachers. I’m constantly learning, growing, and deepening my understanding of the material as well as how to teach and communicate it to others. I’ve recently been re-inspired to write more on the topic again, and to organize my thoughts into a manual. I’ll be putting together some advanced anatomy and kinesiology trainings for teachers in the coming months, with offerings in 2016 and beyond! So keep checking the website for announcements!


If you are a teacher or a studio owner looking for more anatomy training, contact me at to discuss possibilities! 🙂


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