On it goes!

This last week we eliminated breakfast and added another cleansing shake (consisting of psyllium, bentonite and charcoal) in the morning to replace our first meal. The original plan was to do an enema and liver flush this past week, but as we were quite busy looking for a new place to live, we didn’t work it into our schedule. This week is the week though, and we plan on doing at least one full day of a fast, along with the liver flush and enema. Kristi has never fasted before, and it’s been since before we met (more than two years now) that I have done a fast as well, so after three weeks plus of cleansing, adding in a single day fast followed by an enema and liver flush is a good introduction back into it all. Perhaps this summer we’ll do a shorter, but more intense cleanse.

My energy levels have been MUCH higher since cutting out coffee and throughout the cleanse. We’ve had some pretty intensely busy weeks recently as well, so it’s been nice to be super clear and present during these times. I also haven’t been on such a strictly vegetarian diet in at least a few years as well, so my body has been feeling light and lean. I’ve been eliminating feces (POOPING!) four to five times a day. They are all large, full and fantastic, with a great consistency (not too watery, not to dry).

I had hoped to be blogging a little more throughout this process, but with everything that has been going on with our upcoming move (we signed our lease two days ago, and move in to our place in two weeks!), as well as organizing homes from multiple upcoming yoga trainings, I’ve had an even fuller plate than normal. I’ll post all the news about all the upcoming courses in another blog! 🙂

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