Oh… Apple Cider Vinegar…

Two years ago I found out I had kidney stones. Trying to find an alternative to a surgical procedure, I found that Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to help dissolve kidney stones (something the western doctor I had seen at the time said was impossible). Well, after a few months of massive amounts of ACV every day, I dissolved the VERY large kidney stone in my left kidney down to a much more manageable size and passed it. But,, as the scans had shown, I still had two more smaller stones in my right kidney. So I’ve continued with a light regime of ACV since then.

I also use ACV for immune system support. Any time I notice a cold coming, I down some ACV and I wake up the next day feeling fine.

The stuff is awesome. It has all sorts of different uses. I’ve also recently been exploring new ways to cook with it, so I don’t just have to down nasty shots of it.

That being said… the reason I’m writing about ACV is for a different reason. I eat pretty well. I’m a healthy guy. Over the past two years I’ve noticed that when I catch my own odor, that it really has not been a pleasant smell. Strange to me because typically, even when “stinky” before, I never really minded my own smell. But recently… man. It’s come to a peak here since moving back to the states and I would notice that while teaching and practicing yoga that I STUNK in a way that I did not like. It wasn’t a normal stink. Like I said, normally, I don’t mind my stink, even when it’s stinky… But PHEW, this recent stink has smelled awful to me!

So I started to wonder what was causing it… it didn’t take to long to point towards ACV. Even the first day not drinking ACV I could notice a difference. Now, having taken five days off from taking it I notice a HUGE difference. The stuff was literally coming out of my pores before because I was drinking it so much!

I’m curious what other people’s experience is with this stuff and if anyone has noticed anything similar.

I still plan on drinking it when I get sick, and any time I get kidney stone pain, I’ll drink it for relief, but I think the days of me drinking it every day may have come to and end :\

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