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My latest article: How to Get Rid of Knee Pain in Pigeon Pose is up on TheYogaBlog.

Here is a sample:

Eka pada raja kapotasana, aka. King Pigeon Pose

Pigeon: Most people either love it or hate it. I’ve found, however, that for the people that don’t like the pose, it’s not because they don’t need their hips stretched, or they want to avoid the stretch, it’s usually because the pose causes pain in the inner knee.

It’s this sharp, often crippling pain on the medial (inside) of the knee that keeps people from even attempting the pose. So what can we do about it?

First we want to discover why there is pain in the inner knee.

The pose requires a lot of external rotation of the front leg and hip. This range of motion can be limited because of the shapes of one’s bones, but the tension of the inner thigh muscles can also severely limit one’s range of motion.

So as the leg attempts to externally rotate, the muscles of the inner thigh resist the motion and want to pull the leg back into internal rotation. The problem is that with this pose, the front leg CAN’T internally rotate because the floor is in the way.

So what do most people do? They bring the knee close to the mid line and they take a bigger bend in the knee. If they are limited in their range of external rotation, they’ll also have the leg resting more on the shin and outside edge of the hamstring, instead of the side of the shin and side of the upper leg.

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