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Sunday Sadhana is a practice where we open the exploration of yoga well beyond the typical physical postures (asana) that are associated with yoga in the west. It is an inner adventure of sound (mantra), action (kriya), gestures (mudra), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), knowledge (jnana) as well as the physical postures (asana). Each class is rooted in tantric philosophy, and we explore various verses from texts like the Vijnana Bhairava, Spanda Karikas, Shiva Sutras, and more.

Announcing a special Sunday Sadhana half day workshop!

Half Day Sunday Sadhana

January 24th, 2016

12pm to 4pm

Yoga Six, Carlsbad, Ca

My final workshop in San Diego before we move up to Grass Valley, Ca!

Sign up online HERE! Or call the studio to save your spot (760) 274-6332.

A stressed out, overactive mind was a problem even in ancient times. Yogis developed tools to help quiet the mind and heighten one’s focus. In this Half Day Sunday Sadhana, we will explore extremely powerful tools that will help you to quiet excessive chatter and static in your mind, while sharpening your focus to help you achieve your goals in the new year. In this exploration, we’ll learn to abide in and enjoy the moment, while appreciating our own inner and outer process.

With the extended format, we will enjoy a light asana practice, followed by an assortment of different techniques to help suit everyone’s unique constitution and personality. We will explore meditation, breath work, concentration techniques, and vibrational sound techniques, so that you can find the technique(s) that help you the most, and integrate them into your own daily practice. Experience with previous Sunday Sadhanas is helpful, but not required.


Below you can find images from past Sunday Sadhanas.


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Here are some photos from previous Sunday Sadhana groups!

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