February’s Reading List

It was a busy month, and I didn’t get as many chances to read as I would have liked, but here are the books from February.


February reading list

A Hidden Wholeness by Parker J. Palmer

Another great book by Parker Palmer. If you are a teacher of any sort, I highly recommend reading his books. They are filled with inspiration and quotes, and helpful ideas and tips.  The particular book has a lot to do with how to hold space in community circles and gathers, but applies even to our one on one conversations with people. Great read.

Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton

Not as much of a cover to cover type read (although it could be, I guess) as it’s very information dense, it also covers a lot of areas that one might not be putting into place in the moment (mantras, visualizations, etc). Amazing content, though. If you want to learn about the goddesses of the tantric tradition, look no further than this book. It’s illustrated by Ekabhumi Ellik, who also did the logo for our yoga school (www.virajati.com), his images always blow me away with their beauty and clarity.

The Anatomy of Exercise and Movement: for the Study of Dance, Pilates, Sports and Yoga by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

While I don’t agree with everything put forth in this book, I still highly recommend it. It’s accessible yet thorough. Packed with useful information. I’m even considering using it as an anatomy manual for yoga teacher trainings. It’s clearly illustrated, and you don’t need a PhD to understand it. Definitely recommend it if you are a yoga teacher or on the path to become one.

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