The Crickets have resurfaced!

On our way to Badrinath

Years ago, while traveling India by motorcycle,  my friend Octavio played a track for me from his MP3 player. It was the sound of crickets chirping. The audio had two layered tracks, one at normal speed and one at an adjusted speed. Taking into consideration the average lifespan of a cricket, the speed was adjusted to relate to that of a human life span (kinda like how we say one human year is equivalent to seven dog years, well, they did this for crickets). The results were/are absolutely magical. The sound was haunting, and I remember getting back to Thailand after our trip trying to find the track. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I tried all sorts of searchea on Google, and nothing was coming up. Years later, I tried again, but nothing came up.

Well… SUPER happy to say that it has resurfaced. It’s WELL worth a listen 🙂

The track is by composer Jim Wilson. For more information on the track, click here.

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