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I finally have some time to sit down and post about the recent Yoga Teacher Training I co-taught with Emma Warmington in Costa Rica, the Jivani Yoga Level 1 Training. In one word, it was: AMAZING! The location was incredible, El Sabanero Eco Lodge, located about 20 minutes outside of Tamarindo on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. The staff and food was all wonderful. We had multiple locations to practice at, a pool to relax in during the day, and while we were close to town and other great locations, we were also far enough away that we were in our own quiet secluded space.


The group was amazing. All wonderful people, and I’m confident they are all going to make great teachers! With everyone attending the training living on sight, we had a wonderful family feel, with all of us interacting on a regular basis.




The Principle Teacher, and Founder of Jivani Yoga, Emma Warmington, was amazing as always, and totally in her element, sharing with the students her vast knowledge and understanding of yoga.


I think the greatest part for me personally, was being able to have my family there for two weeks. With my wife and daughter around, enjoying Costa Rica, I was felt super loved up and able to truly enjoy my experience.

Family Photo - Costa Rica

I also had a pretty proud Daddy moment during the training as well. When all the students were working hard and practicing their final practicums (teaching a full class to all the other students), Sequoia decided she wanted to teach a class too. She put a class together with my wife, Kristi, then taught it to the two of us in our room, before deciding that she wanted to teach it to everyone. All of the students showed up for her class. It was pretty special watching my four year old daughter teach her first yoga class… and of course she was a natural. Direct, clear language. Very polite. “Do side plank, please.” It was awesome and probably my most memorable experience from the training.


If you want to get a taste of some of the wonderful experiences we had, check out the slide show, below!


The Jivani Yoga Level 1 Training in Costa Rica was from November 8th until December 6th 2015. For more information check out the Jivani Yoga page for the Costa Rica Training at or visit Jivani Yoga.

Jivani Yoga Student Teachers

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