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This video was posted on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, but I am posting it here so I can continue to get feedback from all of you! I am currently working on all sorts of new yoga video content: free youtube videos, online yoga,  meditation and philosophy courses, and more! I’d love to hear from YOU about what you’d like to see the most. What sorts of things are you interested in?

So leave feedback in the comments section below, or email me at! I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support and I can’t wait to be sharing more videos with you soon!

Sunday Sadhana Samavesa

Sunday Sadhana Samavesa was amazing! As usual, time flew by as we dived into the stories and practices of the Goddess. Happening on a very auspicious day, Sunday September 27th, 2015, the day of the Blood Moon Eclipse, the day started with a brief asana practice, followed by some chanting, breath work, and meditation. We broke for lunch, and when we returned we dove into the stories and practices revolving around the Goddess. Using the Devi Mahatmyam as a backdrop, we dove into the stories of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati to see how their stories relate to our lives and our personal psychology. It was a day of story, singing, breathing, meditation and reflection. It ended with 22 minutes of us chanting Lokah Samastah while each person gave offerings to the fire.


Thank you to Azul Fit in Vista, Ca for hosting the immersion, and to Brandi Daniels and Eat.Drink.Yoga for the amazing food she prepared for the event, and to everyone who took time out of their lives to join us that day!

Below is a short clip of our ending chant with a few photos of the day.

Another AUMazing Sunday Sadhana!

July Sunday Sadhana

Each one is special, and yet some how they seem to get better and better! So grateful for our yoga community in North County San Diego and all the amazing yogis wanting to dive deeper into the various practices of yoga! We don’t have another Sunday Sadhana scheduled at Y6 until November, BUT stay tuned, as I will soon announce the date for a full day (eight hour) Sunday Sadhana happening in September or early October, with the opportunity to spend a lot more time with each practice, enjoy an asana practice get some movement in our bodies, dive deeper into tantric philosophy, and enjoy some delicious healthy food!

Sunday Sadhana July '15

Post Sadhana with Stuart



Keeping it weird


Sunday Sadhana July 6th 2014

Another great Sunday Sadhana group! Thank you everyone for making it out during the holiday weekend!


It was an amazing exploration of postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), concentration (dharana), action (kriya), vibration (mantra) and meditation (dhyana)! Join us the first Sunday of every month at Yoga Six in Carlsbad!



Another great Sunday Sadhana!

Sunday Sadhana - May 2014

“Through [life], liberation can be found everywhere.” – Sage Naga, 11th Century, from his 30 Verses on Delighting in Awareness, (translation by Christopher Tompkins)

Another great group of yogis for Sunday Sadhana! I feel so blessed and lucky that yogis keep coming to share in an experience of yoga that goes beyond the physical postural practice that most in the west are so familiar with and used to. Thank you so much for everyone who attended!

If you are looking for more information on the meditation support I talked about at the end of class and offered samples of, check out!

For those who attended, here is a simple reminder of the concentration exercises (Dharanas) we did:

Meditate on the space found on all sides of one’s own body. (VB v. 43)

Meditate on the inner body as enclosed by a physical layer of skin with nothing inside of it. (VB v.48)

Meditate on the sensations of an emotion.


Chakra Kriya


(And don’t forget to check out our new Sunday Sadhana Page!)

SBYC was a blast!

I had so much fun at this year’s South Bay Yoga Conference in Redondo Beach. I am so grateful to all the yogis that made it to my lecture and/or asana class, and I’m especially grateful for the group of Yogis that came up from San Diego to show their support! I hope to do it all again next year. Here are some photos from the day!


Tantra Lecture Group

Tantric Hatha Yoga - Asana Class

Tantric Hatha Yoga Class



For more information on the South Bay Yoga Conference, check out their website!

South Bay Yoga Conference is this weekend!


I taught last year at the 1st South Bay Yoga Conference in Redondo Beach, California and I’m super excited to be coming back to teach again this year!

A group of us from San Diego are all heading up this Sunday to enjoy a full day of yoga! I will be teaching a lecture titled: “Why the World Needs You In It: Intro to Tantra Hatha Yoga Philosophy” at 11am and an asana practice: “Intro to Tantric Hatha Yoga” at 4:20pm.

For more information about the South Bay Yoga Conference, follow the link!


Living Yoga Series

Living Yoga Series

with Ashton Szabo

Coming in March 2013!

Starting in the month of March, I will be beginning a series of talks that focus on what some of the great stories and texts of the yoga tradition have to say about living our yoga. With a large portion of the yoga philosophy that westerners are exposed to, people often thing that as yoga progresses, one moves further and further away from the world and into solitude. In these talks, we look at stories and traditions that encourage us into a deeper relationship into life and bring us more fully into the world. What does yoga have to say about living a full life? About happiness? About suffering? About social action? These are all ideas we will explore in these talks.

The talks will be offered live at Black Sheep Yoga Studio in Oceanside for those that can attend in person. They will also be offered online for a small fee for those that can’t attend the talks physically. The specific dates will be announced this week.

Why the World Needs You In It: Intro to the Bhagavad Gita

In this talk we will explore what it means to live in the world and how important your involvement in the world actually is. We will introduce one of India’s most sacred and well known texts, the Bhagavad Gita (‘Song of the Divine’), a spiritual text that invites us into a deeper relationship with the world. This book has effected millions and it profoundly effected people such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman and Mohandas K. Gandhi. In this talk we will explore the necessity of social engagement and action in life, and how important our role in the world is, especially during these challenging times that we currently find ourselves in. We will explore Dharma and what it means to be living your truth, and how you can more fully offer your unique gifts to the world.

The Heroes Journey: Revealing the Meaning in Every Day Life

What does it mean to embark on the Heroes Journey? How do we find a balance between spirit and matter? The transcendent and immanent? We’ll follow the journey of Viveka, in this old Indian tale, as we discuss our own journey in life. We follow models explained by the late Joseph Campbell with his insights into myths and stories and what they say about the human psyche and the experience of embodied human life. We will explore basic archetypes of the hero and heroine and find what they can teach us about ourselves. We’ll  uncover our own heroes journey within our life, and see what myths and stories have to say about our possible obstacles and failings, as well as the tools for fulfillment in our journey.

Life as Service: An Introduction to the Stories of Hanuman

In the stories of Hanuman, we have an example of living a life of service. When we feel separate from others, from the divine, when we feel alone, how do we reconnect with a feeling of Oneness? We will follow the story of Hanuman, as we explore the dynamics of what happens when the Ego (Ravana) comes between our true Self (Rama) and our embodied self (Sita), and how the energy of Service (Hanuman) can overcome the Ego and unite the true Self and self.

Life as Play: An Introduction to the Stories of Shiva

In these talks we will explore a number of different stories about Shiva, in particular Nataraja Shiva. Shiva as the dancer. Shiva as living in the fires of embodiment. We’ll look at the perspective of life as lila (play) and what that means in our every day life. In contrast to the rules of dharma, lila comes to show us that sometimes things happen in life that cannot be explained in any sort of rational way. Learning to embrace this inherent spontaneity of life opens up new doors of fulfillment  in our lives. We’ll learn about the value of approaching life as play, and how it can bring us into a more accepting and joyous place in our life and relationships.

Stay tuned for dates and more information on these talks!

Shamanic Yoga!

Hey everyone! This week we will NOT be having our Shamanic Yoga, BUT the first thursday of November (the day AFTER  Halloween) we are going to rock it out at the Nest is Solana Beach. It will be the last Shamanic Yoga practice offered in San Diego in 2012, so if you’ve been wanting to get to one, THIS WILL BE IT! Mark your calendar! 🙂


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