Sunday Sadhana Samavesa

Sunday Sadhana Samavesa was amazing! As usual, time flew by as we dived into the stories and practices of the Goddess. Happening on a very auspicious day, Sunday September 27th, 2015, the day of the Blood Moon Eclipse, the day started with a brief asana practice, followed by some chanting, breath work, and meditation. We […]

Another AUMazing Sunday Sadhana!

July Sunday Sadhana Each one is special, and yet some how they seem to get better and better! So grateful for our yoga community in North County San Diego and all the amazing yogis wanting to dive deeper into the various practices of yoga! We don’t have another Sunday Sadhana scheduled at Y6 until November, […]

What to do about Hamstring Tendon Tears

What to do about Hamstring Tendon Tears By Ashton Szabo Yoga butt, aka proximal hamstring attachment tears, are one of the most common “in practice” injuries I hear about as a yoga teacher. They also tend to linger for a really long time. Why do they happen so often, why do they linger, and […]

Another great Sunday Sadhana!

“Through [life], liberation can be found everywhere.” – Sage Naga, 11th Century, from his 30 Verses on Delighting in Awareness, (translation by Christopher Tompkins) Another great group of yogis for Sunday Sadhana! I feel so blessed and lucky that yogis keep coming to share in an experience of yoga that goes beyond the physical postural […]

The Crickets have resurfaced!

Years ago, while traveling India by motorcycle,  my friend Octavio played a track for me from his MP3 player. It was the sound of crickets chirping. The audio had two layered tracks, one at normal speed and one at an adjusted speed. Taking into consideration the average lifespan of a cricket, the speed was adjusted […]


There is a song I play often on my playlists during my classes towards the end of class, before savasana. Sometimes, in non-heated classes, I’ve brought in my guitar to play it live during savasana. I’ve had many students over the years ask about it, so I’ve decided to post it here and make it […]

On it goes!

This last week we eliminated breakfast and added another cleansing shake (consisting of psyllium, bentonite and charcoal) in the morning to replace our first meal. The original plan was to do an enema and liver flush this past week, but as we were quite busy looking for a new place to live, we didn’t work […]

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