21 Days of Meditation and the Podcast launch!


Hey Everyone! I’ve got two big announcements to make! The podcast that I host, the Sivana Podcast, is finally launching tomorrow!  I will have details up once we launch, but for now you can check out our Soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/sivanapodcast) which does have Episode 0 up! Also, my new online course, Transform Your Life with […]

The Importance of Ritual


The Importance of Ritual By Ashton Szabo I often marvel at how little conscious ritual we have here in our western Americanized lives. I grew up in Los Angeles, attended Catholic grade school and have been taking martial arts since I was five. Naturally, I rebelled against it all. I felt like the rituals of […]

5 Tips for Teaching a Better Yoga Class

Ashton Class-8195

Not only are there many facets that make up a great yoga class, there are also lots of different opinions on what actually constitutes a great yoga class. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. But regardless of your teaching style, your students, or the type of class your are offering, here are five simple […]

New Yoga in America Study

The new Yoga in America Study has been released, giving us the most thorough statistics on yoga in America since the last study came out in 2012, and it’s all pretty exciting news if you are in any way involved in yoga! There are a lot of interesting details in there about yoga students, yoga […]

You know you are a lifelong student when…

  I’ve always considered myself a lifelong student. Although, ironically, I never did very well in school. I’d say I’ve averaged reading at least a book-a-week most of my adult life. One of my current obsessions that is competing with my reading time, however, is listening to Podcasts. With my new Podcast launching soon (the […]

Creating new Yoga Videos

  Hey Everyone!   This video was posted on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, but I am posting it here so I can continue to get feedback from all of you! I am currently working on all sorts of new yoga video content: free youtube videos, online yoga,  meditation and philosophy courses, and […]



  “Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.” – Michael Hyatt   I read this quote today and it really hit home for me. It hit home not only because of what I experience personally, but because of what I see in a lot of friends and students. I will fully admit it: I consider myself […]

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