Big news on its way!

Ok, so… things have been a little wild and crazy lately, but a lot of different projects have been in the works, and it’s been a process of getting everything in line. First off, I want to announce that I will no longer be teaching the Tuesday 6:30pm class at Bergamot. I want to thank Lauren Duke for the opportunity to share space there (and it really is an amazing space, if you haven’t checked it out before, I highly recommend it), but it wasn’t working out with my schedule.

Secondly, I have a few big announcements in the works that will be coming very soon. To give a little taste, minus specific details and dates, I’ll be offering a tele-seminar called “Why the World Needs You In It” which will be a two hour offering on the Bhagavad Gita. I’ll be teaching a 200 hour yoga teacher training through Black Sheep Yoga Studio, with the first 100-hour module, an immersive training designed for anyone wishing to deepen their practice, slated to begin at the beginning of March. My online Intro to Tantric Philosophy course will begin sometime shortly there after and will take us deep into the stories of Hanuman and Viveka. The Virajati Yoga School teacher training starts in May, and while I won’t be there physically this year, I will be teaching the philosophy components of the course via video.

So lots of great things coming up! Stay tuned for more info soon! 🙂



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