Another great Sunday Sadhana!

Sunday Sadhana - May 2014

“Through [life], liberation can be found everywhere.” – Sage Naga, 11th Century, from his 30 Verses on Delighting in Awareness, (translation by Christopher Tompkins)

Another great group of yogis for Sunday Sadhana! I feel so blessed and lucky that yogis keep coming to share in an experience of yoga that goes beyond the physical postural practice that most in the west are so familiar with and used to. Thank you so much for everyone who attended!

If you are looking for more information on the meditation support I talked about at the end of class and offered samples of, check out!

For those who attended, here is a simple reminder of the concentration exercises (Dharanas) we did:

Meditate on the space found on all sides of one’s own body. (VB v. 43)

Meditate on the inner body as enclosed by a physical layer of skin with nothing inside of it. (VB v.48)

Meditate on the sensations of an emotion.


Chakra Kriya


(And don’t forget to check out our new Sunday Sadhana Page!)

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