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I offer various programs for  Yoga Teacher Trainings based on the needs of your training. I also offer workshops, private and semi-private Anatomy for Yoga lessons for teachers wanting to grow their understanding of the human body! I’ve taught anatomy on a number of different teacher trainings including Yoga Six (, Yoga Tropics (, Desa Seni (, Jivani Yoga (, Pyramid Yoga (, Vira Bhava Yoga (, and through my own school Virajati Yoga School (

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Desa Seni YTT - Bali, Indonesia - October 2014Y6 San Diego YTT - Fall 2014


What do people say about Anatomy Trainings with Ashton:

Yoga Anatomy for the Y6 200hr TTC March 2015 – San Diego, Ca

“Ashton’s anatomy classes ROCK! He’s knowledgeable,  creative, funny and extremely attentive to his students. He’ll go beyond to ensure that each individual understands the material and creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable to participate in his anatomy lectures allowing people to grow and learn. My favorite part, which is a big plus, is he’ll go as far as demonstrating possible misalignment by doing it in his body which is a great visual aid expecially when he goes over each part of the body that is being affected and how this may cause injury. I could go on for days on how awesome this man is but you have to hear him talk and see him act to fully grasp the concept. Definitely five stars!!!!” – Cesarina L.

Ashton makes anatomy fun, accessible,  and practical which is a rare skill for someone with so much experience and knowledge.  From my 7 years experience in the fitness/training world this makes him invaluable to yoga students and any studio he works in.” – Kelley R.


Yoga Anatomy for the Y6 200hr TTC April 2014 – San Diego, Ca

“Ashton Szabo is one of the most influential human beings I have ever known. Interacting with him has the ability to brighten anyones day. The connection he creates with everyone he comes into contact with is the reason why he is such an amazing mentor and presence in the lives of many. When I first met Ashton I was new to Yoga Six and hadn’t branched away from set sequences during my time there, or much at all. After one conversation with him, seeing his passion for life and for his practice, I felt this incredible energy that steered me into the direction I am currently headed. If not for that single, brief conversation with Ashton I might not have fallen so much more deeply in love with yoga as I did after that. I did teacher training as an extension of my new found passion and ever since stepping into that inquiry, I have such a newly developed appreciation for the beauty that is life. Ashton’s knowledge of anatomy is incomparable. The saying, in Ashton’s case, becomes “a jack of all trades and a master of all of them.” He is so infinitely wise yet so beautifully humble. It has been an honor to learn from this man and I can honestly say, his impact in my life has been surreal. The genuine care he possesses for all beings is reflected in his ability to teach others about their own bodies. His careful descriptions and lively lectures have the power to bring others into a new realm of understanding and awareness. Ashton is a sublime being with so much wisdom to share with the world. I am so privileged he has touched my life in the way he has and I will carry it with me through life as I grow, continuing to plant seeds in those around me, allowing his wisdom to circulate through the world as it should.” – Lindsey M.

“Ashton did an awesome job in providing anatomy training to our yoga teacher training group!  He communicated the information clearly, provided awesome demonstrations, and made the learning fun!  He peaked our interest in anatomy, and also provided a number of avenues to expand our knowledge.” Al C.

Ashton’s commitment to sharing the gift of yoga is truly felt when in his presence. His understanding of the mind and body translates through his ability to present information in a way that is engaging and thoughtful. Ashton lead the anatomy segment of the 200-hour yoga teacher training I went through at Yoga Six and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide our group! His skillful coaching has deepened my relationship with my physical practice immensely. Thanks to the wisdom Ashton has passed along to me, I also feel confident in my capability to guide students through their yoga practice in a way that is supportive to their anatomical needs. He is always present and extremely supportive to all of his students – both on and off the mat. Thank you, Ashton!” – Kimberlee M.

Yoga Anatomy for the Y6 200hr TTC March 2014 – St. Louis, Mo

“Meeting and working with Ashton in St. Louis for my first teacher training was incredible! He is extremely knowledgable, approachable, and hilarious! I am so grateful to have spent such an inspiring weekend with him. I also got to take his vinyasa class over the weekend. Ashton rocks!” – Erica K.

Ashton made Yoga Anatomy interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the weekend he came to St Louis to share his knowledge with us.”  – Margarita G. O.

Ashton has an incredible wealth of knowledge and his excitement and passion for yoga and anatomy is inspiring and contagious. I have no doubt that I will seek out more training with this amazing human being.”  – Laura M.

Yoga Anatomy for the Y6 200hr TTC October 2013 – San Diego, Ca

“I had the honor of engaging in not just one, but two separate anatomy trainings with Ashton in late 2013. Each session consisted of six hours of enthusiastic, energetic and passionate communication about the human body and all its inner and outer workings. Ashton continually kept those engaged by hands on experiments, use of entertaining props and confidence in the subject matter he was teaching. One of the aspects of his training I appreciate most is his patience in explaining and possibly re-explaining the same concept until it is understood and his ability to break down difficult concepts into a way where every mind can grasp. It was such a beautiful experience having Ashton as our anatomy teacher during our Yoga Six Yoga Teacher Training! Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge!”

–Ashley S.


Anatomy is often considered one of the more daunting sciences to learn, but learning anatomy with Ashton takes fear out of the equation.   

I came into my studies with Ashton with some prior, very basic knowledge of anatomy.  To be honest, I was not too excited about the idea of learning about it.  I know it is important, but I wasn’t thrilled about spending the time the YTT program allotted to learning this science. 

I admit now that I was wrong.  I thought I knew what I needed and that I didn’t need to learn more, but from Ashton’s lectures and from the semi-private sessions I have had since, I am excited to see how anatomy plays a major role not only in teaching yoga, but in other aspects of day-to-day life. 

The way Ashton engages an audience, whether it is 40 people or one, is unlike any teacher I have ever known.  He is passionate about anatomy, and you can sense that passion immediately through conversation. 

Because of him and his style of teaching, I am hungry to learn as much as possible about anatomy and how I can use it to become the best yoga teacher I can be.  Ashton is accessible, and above all, knowledgeable.  He is able to take complex information and teach it in a way that is comprehensible.  Because of him, the fear of learning this science is not as intimidating and actually more enjoyable than I ever gave it credit to be.”

–Janine A.   



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