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Hey Everyone! Here are some new tracks I created as per requests from many of you. The background sounds are created from a mix of stock sounds from NP3, free source audio files, and/or If you haven’t signed up for my mailing list yet, please do and stay in touch with all my latest offerings. And PLEASE, email me at or post on my facebook page to tell me what you think about these tracks. I’ve been loving the feedback!

As always, these tracks are free for you to use, but they are not to be resold, reedited, etc. And do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to any of these tracks. They are best listened to with your eyes closed, but you can still have them on in the background while doing other things (Especially the anxiety/stress and healing tracks). Headphones are great, but not necessary as the tracks use isochronic beats.

Hope you enjoy!


Reduce Stress and Anxiety (1 hour)

A track to help reduce stress and anxiety. The background music comes from layering in some ambient sounds to a jungle track I created on This track tends to stay in the Alpha and Theta ranges.

Right Click to Download (and Save As): AnxietyReduction.mp3

Healing and Recovery (1 hour)

An hour long track that can be listened to as you go to sleep, put on repeat to play while you sleep throughout the night, or just used as a nice long healing session. This track has music from the jungle track I created on, and takes you on a slowly progressing downward journey to deep levels of Delta.

Right Click to Download (and Save As): HourLongHealing.mp3

Beach Meditation (1 hour)

As many of you know… I spent almost seven years living on a tropical island in south east Thailand. I also grew up surfing in Southern California… this relaxing beach track brings the beach to you, when you can’t bring yourself to the beach. This track also doesn’t go as deep into delta as some of the other meditation tracks I’ve made. It instead stays closer to the 7hz frequencies experienced by Zen meditators (although it doesn’t solely stay in that range).

Right Click to Download (and Save As): HourLongBeachMeditation.mp3

Beach Meditation (1/2 hour)

This is simply a half hour version of the same track. It moves through the same progression of brain waves, but it is all scaled for half the time.

Right Click to Download (and Save As): 30minBeachMeditation.mp3

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