Times are crazy right now! People are getting sick, things are getting shut down, people are losing their income, and it seems as though the whole world is losing their mind! In times like these, I know how essential my practice is for me to remain steady in an unsteady world. My hope is to continue to share this practice with people. Whether in person classes get canceled for me or not, whether you are in a position to practice in a public class or not, I want to make these practices available to everyone!

My income is already taking a hit with people staying away from public places. I still need to support my family and as a yoga teacher, I don’t get any sort of unemployment benefits or sick days. But I know I’m not alone in this and there are lots of people out there in similar or worse situations than myself. We can all benefit from yoga and meditation.

My request to you is this: if you can contribute, please consider donating a one time donation through Paypal (see the button below) or join my Patreon community for monthly support. If you can afford a little more, know that your support is helping those can’t afford the extra cost right now, as it allows me to continue making content for everyone. For those that CAN offer a little more support by joining our Patreon community, know that not only can you already access over 50 audio classes that are up there, but I am also planning some special treats for those that join!

If you CAN’T contribute financially, no problem. Please continue to enjoy the content and practice! If you can share the videos with others, to help support the offerings, even better!

In return, with your support, I will continue with Daily Live Streams on Facebook (and perhaps Youtube?) with free meditations. Your support will also allow me to create an assortment of various yoga classes and practices. From full length 90 minute asana classes, to short instruction videos and practices for all!

Let’s do it! Yoga 4 the People!

Patreon: www.patreon.com/yogawithashton/

Or please consider a one time donation to help support the cause of bringing these teachings to everyone!

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