Here’s what people have to say about Yoga with Ashton:

“Ashton Szabo is one of the most influential human beings I have ever known. Interacting with him has the ability to brighten anyones day. The connection he creates with everyone he comes into contact with is the reason why he is such an amazing mentor and presence in the lives of many. When I first met Ashton I was new to Yoga Six and hadn’t branched away from set sequences during my time there, or much at all. After one conversation with him, seeing his passion for life and for his practice, I felt this incredible energy that steered me into the direction I am currently headed. If not for that single, brief conversation with Ashton I might not have fallen so much more deeply in love with yoga as I did after that. I did teacher training as an extension of my new found passion and ever since stepping into that inquiry, I have such a newly developed appreciation for the beauty that is life. Ashton’s knowledge of anatomy is incomparable. The saying, in Ashton’s case, becomes “a jack of all trades and a master of all of them.” He is so infinitely wise yet so beautifully humble. It has been an honor to learn from this man and I can honestly say, his impact in my life has been surreal. The genuine care he possesses for all beings is reflected in his ability to teach others about their own bodies. His careful descriptions and lively lectures have the power to bring others into a new realm of understanding and awareness. Ashton is a sublime being with so much wisdom to share with the world. I am so privileged he has touched my life in the way he has and I will carry it with me through life as I grow, continuing to plant seeds in those around me, allowing his wisdom to circulate through the world as it should. ” — Lindsey Marshall, Encinitas, Ca

“I enjoy (your classes) so much is because you do in fact “teach” in your class. You are so inspiring and full of knowledge that it is inevitable that I will leave class with more than just a yoga class. You are a true “teacher” not someone who just is on “auto pilot” calling out poses, with no thoughtful process. You are wonderful.” — Leah Perrelli, Encinitas, Ca

“My favorite hour of the week!” – Zac Armstrong, Encinitas, Ca

“I LOVE Ashton’s classes! Not only do I feel awesome afterwards, but I leave every class with new insight. Ashton’s immense knowledge of anatomy helps the class focus on proper alignment, appropriate for each student, and not just “what you’re ‘supposed’ to look like.” I may have done a pose a million times, yet I still feel as if I can make adjustments to further improve my practice. His classes are always challenging, but he always offers modifications so that all levels feel welcome.” — Ashley Jenks, Encinitas, Ca

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