Living Yoga Series

Living Yoga Series

with Ashton Szabo

Coming in March 2013!

Starting in the month of March, I will be beginning a series of talks that focus on what some of the great stories and texts of the yoga tradition have to say about living our yoga. With a large portion of the yoga philosophy that westerners are exposed to, people often thing that as yoga progresses, one moves further and further away from the world and into solitude. In these talks, we look at stories and traditions that encourage us into a deeper relationship into life and bring us more fully into the world. What does yoga have to say about living a full life? About happiness? About suffering? About social action? These are all ideas we will explore in these talks.

The talks will be offered live at Black Sheep Yoga Studio in Oceanside for those that can attend in person. They will also be offered online for a small fee for those that can’t attend the talks physically. The specific dates will be announced this week.

Why the World Needs You In It: Intro to the Bhagavad Gita

In this talk we will explore what it means to live in the world and how important your involvement in the world actually is. We will introduce one of India’s most sacred and well known texts, the Bhagavad Gita (‘Song of the Divine’), a spiritual text that invites us into a deeper relationship with the world. This book has effected millions and it profoundly effected people such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman and Mohandas K. Gandhi. In this talk we will explore the necessity of social engagement and action in life, and how important our role in the world is, especially during these challenging times that we currently find ourselves in. We will explore Dharma and what it means to be living your truth, and how you can more fully offer your unique gifts to the world.

The Heroes Journey: Revealing the Meaning in Every Day Life

What does it mean to embark on the Heroes Journey? How do we find a balance between spirit and matter? The transcendent and immanent? We’ll follow the journey of Viveka, in this old Indian tale, as we discuss our own journey in life. We follow models explained by the late Joseph Campbell with his insights into myths and stories and what they say about the human psyche and the experience of embodied human life. We will explore basic archetypes of the hero and heroine and find what they can teach us about ourselves. We’llĀ  uncover our own heroes journey within our life, and see what myths and stories have to say about our possible obstacles and failings, as well as the tools for fulfillment in our journey.

Life as Service: An Introduction to the Stories of Hanuman

In the stories of Hanuman, we have an example of living a life of service. When we feel separate from others, from the divine, when we feel alone, how do we reconnect with a feeling of Oneness? We will follow the story of Hanuman, as we explore the dynamics of what happens when the Ego (Ravana) comes between our true Self (Rama) and our embodied self (Sita), and how the energy of Service (Hanuman) can overcome the Ego and unite the true Self and self.

Life as Play: An Introduction to the Stories of Shiva

In these talks we will explore a number of different stories about Shiva, in particular Nataraja Shiva. Shiva as the dancer. Shiva as living in the fires of embodiment. We’ll look at the perspective of life as lila (play) and what that means in our every day life. In contrast to the rules of dharma, lila comes to show us that sometimes things happen in life that cannot be explained in any sort of rational way. Learning to embrace this inherent spontaneity of life opens up new doors of fulfillmentĀ  in our lives. We’ll learn about the value of approaching life as play, and how it can bring us into a more accepting and joyous place in our life and relationships.

Stay tuned for dates and more information on these talks!

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